Sound, ecological and sustainable turnkey buildings

With its single shell ' House' construction concept, FeelGoodHouse allows you to consciously live in a healthy environment. We build a wooden houses around ones of calcium silicate bricks with the advantages of both.



  • Living space: 133m2
  • 2 rooms 2 garages
  • Large terrace of 122m2
  • TVA 3% and 17% 697.000€


  • Commercial space: 150m2
  • TVA 3% and 17% 649.000€
  • Wood wool insulation
  • Both structures are assembled mechanically without glue
  • Materials that can be completely dismantled, separated and recycled
  • No Styropor or other petroleum-based materials in our houses.
  • Wood windows from regional forests with a sustainable forestry economy certificate
  • Lime or clay rendering
  • Decentralised dual-flow ventilation system for reasons of hygiene