Our philosophy

In the spirit of sharing and our sense of responsibility towards people in particular poverty, 5% of the profit of each of our projects is destined for financing a 'roof over the head' of disadvantaged families.

Bewosst-Sënn/FeelGoodHouse philosophy

The basic idea is not to go after the 'Maximum profit'.

Just mentioning this phrase pits us against usual every-day commercial practices.

This involves a vision of a new 'business world' with criteria based, on the one hand, on the idea of sharing and respect, and on the other on making a profit that will enable everyone to live.

An essential aspect consists in offering health and wellbeing to future owners in the houses we build. The idea is therefore to give as the first stage before receiving in a second.

Knowing that ' the receiver' is not just on the financial level, but also the level of happiness received back from the families taking up the houses.

The pleasure of living in an environment centred around health and wellbeing allows us to share this pleasure with the project managers or owners of our houses, which gives us irreplaceable satisfaction.

In their life, most people have realised that giving represents one of the most intense pleasures.

We believe that our mission is not just to build for people, but also to make them aware of different subjects concerning respect and sharing. As such, an important aspect of our work is to pass on a message, regardless of whether we will build for these people or not.

With our way of building we respect mankind, nature and our future generations.

This automatically makes us limit ourselves to using natural, ecological, sustainable and recyclable materials that can be separated from their physical structure according to the principle:

'only build a dwelling where you would live yourself'.

We meticulously select the materials used in our buildings to allow families to spend a good part of their lives in a healthy environment and in an atmosphere of wellbeing.

We cannot remain immune to the human distress, peril and misery around us, which gave us the idea of sharing and, as such, five percent of our profit from each real estate project will be destined for financing a roof over the head of disadvantaged families.

The principle is to provide a roof over the heads of our clients in our regions with relatively large budgets, and at the same time to offer a new home somewhere else in the world with a much lower budget to families who were not lucky enough to have been born in our country.

This therefore also involves sharing not just the pleasure of living in a healthy and amenable environment, but also the satisfaction of having respected nature and our future generations, as well as having contributed to charity.

As such, the name of our company 'bewosst-Sënn' was not just chosen at random, and among other things it means reminding people that everyone is responsible for their actions and that awareness of responsible building and the sharing of assets are involved. This therefore involves an ideology that we are trying to highlight in a world often regarded, rightly or wrongly, as 'cold' and without scruples'.

It is important for each of us, individually and starting with ourselves, to try and contribute to changing the world and humanity by shifting towards social values rather than the maximisation of profit.

We are convinced that humanity is ready for these changes. In any event, we certainly are.

The challenge for people who have set themselves such a goal is to constantly and consciously forgo part of the profit appropriately 'for the benefit' of the quality provided and 'for the benefit' of society, humanity and respect.

Quote by the author Neale Donald Walsch:

"If you want a yardstick allowing you to judge if something is beneficial for humanity or not, you just have to ask yourself a simple question:

What would happen if everyone did it? "